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Berodin Wax at Mens Body Waxing

At Men's Waxing, we use premium Waxing Products from Berodin. Berodin Black is a perfect hair removal wax. A soft wax hybrid of cream and gel that is gentle on the skin, leaving no sticky residue. This innovative formula is the best of both worlds, allowing for low-temperature speed waxing, leaving skin smooth and hair-free.

Berodin Wax at Mens Body Waxing

Berodin Blue Hard wax allows for fast, efficient waxing with gentle results. This stripless wax is formulated with revolutionary polymers for flexibility. This allows us to apply the wax in multiple sections without the fear of breaking. The wax adheres firmly to fine and coarse hair without sticking to the skin and is heated at a low temperature to minimize irritation. So gentle yet effective, you will notice the difference.