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Q: What is a Brazilian Wax?
A:  Brazilian wax removes the hair in the pubic region all the way to the rear.  Unlike the bikini wax, you are able to go completely bare down there.  However, you may opt to leave the pubic area as desired.
Q: Is getting a Brazilian painful?
A: We’ll be honest; it’s not the most comfortable experience, especially the first time.  We work hard to put you at ease and keep your mind occupied with cheerful banter.  We offer a numbing cream before your treatment.  You may also want to take an ibuprofen about 30 minutes prior to your appointment.  (Please check with your physician if it is safe for you to take ibuprofen)
Q: How long should my hair be before I wax? 
A: For the best results, we strongly recommend hair growth to be ¼-1/2 inches long at the time of your treatment.  Proper hair length will allow us to perform the best service with lasting results. If you have questions about hair length, please feel free to contact us. Also, please do not trim or shave your body hair, if you trim it too short, we won’t be able to wax you.
Q: What type of wax do you use?
A: We are committed to using the highest quality waxes that give you the cleanest results.  We use a hard wax for sensitive body parts including Men’s Brazilians.  We use a soft strip wax for larger areas of the body. 
Q: Can I wax my nose and ears?
A: Yes and it's much better than tweezers and one-hair-at-a-time tears. It hurts more to pluck than to wax.  We use a cosmetic paddle-pop stick with hard wax which does a great job
Q: Is the sex better after waxing?
A: YES!  Our clients consistently report that sex after waxing is heaven on earth………..need we say more.
Q: Can I get a wax with a sunburn?
A: NEVER get waxed after you've been in the sun too long! Let your skin heal first. 
Q: Can I get waxed if I’m sick or injured? 
A: If you are sick or injured, you should call and re-schedule your appointment. Kindly give 24 hours advance notice. 
Q: Can I get waxed if I have skin conditions?
A: We will not wax over moles, varicose veins or certain other areas, as a result of a skin condition which could cause a problem on your skin.  We will explain this to you in advance during your skin assessment. 
WARNING! Anti-Acne Drugs
Q: I have been on an anti-acne drug called Doxycycline and a cream called Epiduo. It is not recommended to be waxed when you are taking any skin thinning medications.    How long do I have to be OFF this/these medication(s) before I can get waxed?
A: 3-6 Months, However, it does vary so check with your physician to be certain. 
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.  Thank you.

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