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  • We ask you to not do any of the following things for at least 12 hours after your treatment:

  • No sun-tanning or direct sunlight.

  • No going to the beach or swimming or chlorinated pools/jacuzzis.

  • No steam baths or saunas - bacteria lives in the heat and steam. (Remember your skin is sensitive)

  • No exercise-Your follicles are exposed and you are prone to infection! Think of it like this: Would you do these things to an open wound?

  • It is normal to experience mild redness and or burning which should settle down within a couple of hours after your treatment. However, everybody is different. It may take longer for your body to calm down.  If you feel this is severe please contact me immediately. 

  • We sell aftercare products to help you with your recovery.  (Note: We caution you from buying products online, they may be expired, diluted, or fake.)  All products sold at Alan Williams Salon/Men's Waxing are guaranteed, and the very best. We only use cosmo-pharmaceutical and professional products.

  • Exfoliate your skin. Your skin will close over your follicles soon after your treatment. (A follicle is the small tubular cavity containing the root of a hair- for those who don't know) The hairs will start to grow again after your waxing and will want to break through the skin. 

  • DO THE FOLLOWING: Get a SOFT brush, loofa, or use an exfoliating mitt. After soaping up in the shower, GENTLY wash in circular movements over all the waxed areas. This does help the hairs to break through the skin. Continue this for the first week to help prevent ingrown hairs.

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